Mexico 2012 – The Weiner Bird

One of the first creatures we met in the Mayan Riviera was this handsome bird.

Mexican Jay obviously does not read Spanish

Yucatan Jay obviously does not read Spanish

He’s a Yucatan Jay and they are found over most of southern Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Sometimes we’d see them on their own, but sometimes they’d form great big flocks of twenty or so birds.

Immature Yucatan Jay

Yucatan Jay

Like his European namesake, the Yucatan Jay eats pretty much anything in the forest habitat. An interesting thing that I discovered (thank you Wikipedia) is that when they are young, the birds have a gold eye ring.

Immature Yucatan Jay

Immature Yucatan Jay

This turns black as they get older. Naturally the place we most often saw them was perched on the ‘Do not feed the animals’ sign, often in the company of coatis and raccoons.

Yucatan Jay

One handsome bird

With their cobalt blue wings and tail they must be the most gorgeous birds that I have seen in Mexico, but they do have a funny cry “Weiner weiner”. Do you think they like hot dogs?

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