RSPB – Great Garden Birdwatch 2013

So it’s time for the RSPB Great Garden Birdwatch again. I set aside an hour this morning to see who is visiting our back yard, made a big mug of tea and settled down with my note-book and camera. If you want to see last year’s results they are here.

Female chaffinch

Female chaffinch

The idea is that you mark down each visit to your garden from a bird over the hour. This probably means that some visitors get recorded more than once, but short of DNA testing the little blighters I can’t see a better way of doing it.

Mr chaffinch

Mr Chaffinch


The results are:

Robin: 1

Chaffinch: 4

Blue Tit: 8

Great Tit: 5

Blackbird: 2

Wood Pigeon: 2

Collared Dove: 7

Jackdaw: 1

Dunnock: 1

Quite a big change from last year with a welcome increase in the number of chaffinches.

Mrs Chaffinch

Mrs Chaffinch

Typically as soon as the hour was up a bunch of magpies turned up, but they didn’t count.


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