But for an Apostrophe and a Word Space

I have really been enjoying the Dundee based comedy Bob Servant Independent on BBC4. Great performances from Brian Cox and the rest of the cast, clever writing and some lovely location photography. It’s just the sort of thing that I am happy to see my TV licence money being spent on.

Desperate Dan, outside DC Rhompson's offices Dundee

Desperate Dan, outside DC Thomson’s offices Dundee

The show reminded me of our visit to Dundee back in 2009. Now back when I had a regular job we always used to bring back a local delicacy from our trips to share with people in the office, however marmalade is not exactly easy to share so I settled for some packs of Scottish shortbread. Ever the one to shun expensive tourist shops I popped over the road from the Dundee Travelodge (we stay in some of the most exclusive places!) to the local Aldi where I bought a couple of packets of McAllisters Shortbread Fingers.

I then got to thinking that with the use of an apostrophe and a word space I had the Scottish equivalent of Edward Scissorhands on my hands:

The raw morning light of the Scottish Lowlands poured through the kitchen window as Gavin sat at the table waiting for his mother to bring him his lunch.

“Och Gavin here’s your Cullenskink, but Aldi had nae rolls”

“Aye fear not Maw for do I not hae fingers made of bread”

“Aye lad but every time yae has some soup they be getting shorter”

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