Not the Mandarin Tony Stark was Expecting

As the weather has improved a bit I have started taking regular walks in Epping Forest with my trusty Nikon again. On Monday I spied a few Mandarin Ducks on two of the ponds but they were being very coy and all the photos were rubbish. Today was a different story, there were loads of them and it wasn’t long before this little chap was bearing down on me.

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck

He then turned broadside to show me his sails

Mandarin Duck broadside

Mandarin Duck broadside

To find out more about the Mandarins of Epping Forest see my previous post here. Other species spotted out in the forest today included, Mallards, Moorhen, Coot, Canada Goose, Magpie, Blackbird and Collared Dove


4 thoughts on “Not the Mandarin Tony Stark was Expecting

  1. I’m not much of a bird person, but these mandarins are beautiful! Such intricate, colorful designs. They almost don’t look real. I think I’d wander to the park every day to see them if we had them around here. Great pictures!

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