In the Midst of Death

When I came downstairs to make our early morning tea I looked out of the kitchen window to behold a dead squirrel in the garden. ‘Bloody fox‘ I thought, seeing as the cat had an alibi for last night, ‘I will have to clear that up later‘.

A bit later after Mab had gone to work I looked out into the garden again and saw a carrion crow having a pick at the corpse. Now some of you may think it ghoulish, but we don’t often get carrion crows in the garden so I ran for the camera. Typically the crow had buggered off by the time I got back to the window, but then I noticed this little fellow having a sort through the discarded fur.

Great Tit

Great Tit

I imagine that the dead squirrel’s hair will now be lining a nest providing insulation for a clutch of eggs.

Nest builder

Nest builder

Which just goes to show that very little in nature is wasted, not only has poor old Tufty provided a meal for the fox and a crow, but also building material that will be used to bring a future generation into the world.


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