Tenerife 2013 – Whales

While the performance of the killer whales at Loro Parque’s Orca Ocean was pretty spectacular.

Killer Whale - Loro Parque

Killer Whale – Loro Parque

It was precisely that a performance by captive animals. However just off the coast of Tenerife, where the volcanic undersea vents warm the cold waters of the deeps, pilot whales feed on the squid. And you can’t blame them because when I tried the squid it was pretty tasty.

The Must Cat

The Must Cat

Now our tour operator had whale watching trips including an open bar and lunch on the boat, for €50. We booked our trip from Rab at the Ticketbox who did us a deal with Must Cat an alternative fully licensed and insured operator,for €25 per person. For that we got a three-hour cruise that also included transfer from Los Christianos to the fishing village of Las Galletas, as much beer, wine, cava or soft drinks as you could drink and a sandwich for lunch too.

Baslt Colums

Basalt Columns – Las Galletas

Setting out from Las Galletas you get a good look at the volcanic basalt that formed during one of the island’s past volcanic eruptions, but the main event occurs when the skipper cut the engine and lets the catamaran drift.

A fin breaks the water

A fin breaks the water

suddenly you see a fin break the water. It’s a pilot whale, then there are more.

Pilot whales

Pilot whales

Some of the whales get quite curious to see their visitors.

What's going on here?

What’s going on here?

And get up close to the boat. According to the skipper there was a 90 per cent chance that we’d see the pilot whales and a 40 per cent chance of seeing dolphins too.

OK it's not a squid

OK it’s not a squid

It’s hard to describe what it’s like being surrounded by these curious creatures , listening to them squeak and blow. There is something very tranquil about it. We also got to see some bottle nosed dolphins, who were perusing the menu at a fish farm, but they were just too quick to get a decent snap. My tuna sandwich was pretty good too!

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