Duck with a Chilli Glaze

I bought some duck legs from my favourite superhero Reducedtoclearman at my local supermarket the other day. Now duck, being a bit fatty, is great with a bit of fruit so I decided to make a fruity glaze just to make it a little bit more special.

Chilli glazed duck legs

Chilli glazed duck legs

I roasted the duck legs at around 200 degrees for about an hour and a half and then coated them with my home-made glaze for a further ten minutes before serving them up with some roast sweet potato and purple sprouting brocoli. I made the glaze by mixing two table spoons of apricot jam with one table spoon of honey, a chopped red chilli and a good slug of light soy sauce. I paid £3.50 fo the duck legs so with the veg and a bottle of Vinho Verde I think I managed to produce a restaurant grade meal for three at well under £5 a head. 

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