Whitstable review

The Horror Hothouse

In the bleak winter of 1971 a gaunt prematurely aged man walks along the beach at Whitstable in Kent. A boy approaches him and pleads for help against the nocturnal predations of his stepfather; a man he claims is a vampire. You see to this boy, this is no ordinary old man; this is the fearless Abraham Van Helsing, the vanquisher of Count Dracula from Hammer’s classic horror movie. The man is of course not Van Helsing, but the actor Peter Cushing, a man battling with his own personal demons following the death of his beloved wife Helen. Despite his initial reluctance to get involved, Cushing finds himself being inexorably drawn into resolving the boy’s problem with his abuser and on the way exorcising at least part of the grief he felt at Helen’s death and returning to his film career.

What makes Volk’s novella so interesting for us Horror…

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