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Walker’s Flu is devastating the USA. Going to bed with a paracetamol and a bottle of Benylin just isn’t the answer, since most victims wake up dead and worse than that, starving hungry for human flesh. Ashley Parker is one of the lucky ones. She pulls through to find her strength and sensory functions have increased. Along with other ‘Wild Cards’ she is recruited by the Dolofonoitou Zontanous Nekrous (DZN), an elite black ops zombie fighting unit.

This is the second of Ashley Parker’s adventures of the Zombie Apocalypse which began with Plague Town. Plague Nation finds Ashley and her team mopping up pockets of the living dead around the DZN base of Redwood Falls. Only problem is Walker’s Flu epidemics have broken out all over the USA thanks to some dodgy flu vaccine and on top of that there is an even more secret organisation trying to subvert…

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2 thoughts on “Plague Nation review

    • To be honest I’m not a great zombie fan, but they do seem to be everywhereat the moment. I’m more of a Gothic horror lover, give me a vampire, a werewolf or a chain rattling ghost any day!

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