Link (1986)

The Horror Hothouse

You know when someone is daft enough to say; ‘if it’s alright with you, I’ll wait outside’, that it’s the horror movie equivalent of deciding to wear your red jersey on a Star Trek away mission. It doesn’t end well for that fellow in Richard Franklin’s 1986 creature feature Link.

Elizabeth Shue plays an American zoology student who volunteers to assist Dr Steven Philip (Terence Stamp) who is carrying out research into chimpanzee intelligence at his isolated old house on the English coast. Aside from Dr Philip the only other residents are three chimps: Voodoo, a violent elderly female, Imp a cute, cuddly baby and Link, a former circus performer, trained to be Philip’s butler (for some reason played by an orang-utan with his hair dyed black).

Well, it isn’t long before Shue finds herself alone in the house and the nasty stuff kicks off with Link spying on…

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