Indie Buzz: Witchfinder (2013) review

The Horror Hothouse

When Witchfinder William Thatcher Blake (Dave Juehning) interrupts a spell being cast in Abigail Prin’s log cabin, things don’t turn out too well for the local witch (Valerie Meatham) and her client (Travis Worthy). You see Blake has brought along a long piece of rope and some firewood and toasting marshmallows just isn’t on his agenda.  Putting Abigail to the stake doesn’t happen to be such a bright idea though as she exacts a terrible revenge from beyond her funeral pyre.

Just seeing the title of Colin Clarke’s 18 minute short was enough to put me in mind of the 1968 Vincent Price classic Witchfinder General, but rather than 17th Century England we are in 17th Century America and the black magic is real. This short movie is an excellent atmospheric bit of film making. The lighting and camera work by Brent Jepson is superb and goes quite a…

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