Indie Buzz: E.N.D. (2013) review

The Horror Hothouse

Image supplied by Luca Alessandro

Giorgio (Francesco Sannicondro) is a makeup artist. A makeup artist with a difference, he makes corpses nice and pretty. Giorgio is a bit of a lad too. He and his mates hold all-nighters at the funeral parlour where he works. Sometimes he leaves his hungover pals to sleep on, hidden inside the showroom coffins, when he gets up for work.

A grieving father asks Giorgio’s boss to supply a coffin with an escape mechanism for his son. The radio warns people to stay inside, a virus is raising the dead. You can see where this is going can’t you? Let’s face it, when the zombie apocalypse strikes the last place you want to wake up in is a funeral parlour, especially one with easy open casket lids.

“Oh no not another zombie apocalypse”, I hear you say. However, this 26 minute short from Italian writers and directors Luca Alessandro, Federico Greco…

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