Circus of Fear (1966)

The Horror Hothouse


A gang stick up an armoured truck carrying a cool quarter of a million quid on Tower Bridge. It’s 1966, so you could probably buy most of Essex for that back then. With Inspector Elliott (Leo Genn) of the Yard hot on their trail the gang hide the cash in the winter quarters of Barberini’s Circus. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Well for starters, there’s an insanely jealous knife thrower with a promiscuous girlfriend, a blackmailing dwarf and Gregor, a lion tamer (Christopher Lee) so hideously scarred by one of his own beasts that he has to conceal his face under a black hood. And that’s without mentioning the silver-crested knife found in the back of the decomposing gang member’s corpse, the weird German (a young Klaus Kinski) who asks for work at the circus but won’t give his name and the very naughty person who leaves the lion’s cage…

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