Indie Buzz: One Careful Owner (2013)

The Horror Hothouse

Used car dealer Terry (Clive Ashenden) is presented with a list of broken parts. Only they are not from an MOT test, they are from an autopsy and Terry has just woken up in handcuffs in a windowless room lined with a plastic sheet. Turns out Chris (Richard Nock) wasn’t actually that interested in the Subaru he was looking at, but his wife did die in a car that Terry sold to her. It’s just as well Chris decided to put that plastic sheet down, because he has brought his tool kit with him.

Right I think you can imagine what’s likely to happen in Mike Tack’s 11 minute British shocker. This is Mike’s second film as a director and producer and it looks a lot more expensive than the £235 budget would suggest. It does verge a bit close to torture porn for my personal preferences, but it is an extremely…

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