The Final Programme (1973)

The Horror Hothouse

Seeing as it was made in 1973, this adaptation of Michael Moorcock’s very first Jerry Cornelius novel lands us in a pre-punk dystopian future. This no doubt explains why Jerry (Jon Finch) is trying to buy napalm from Shades (Ronald Lacey) in a pinball themed bar where the house band is space-rockers Hawkwind. Only don’t blink or you will miss them. This early sequence also features a brief cameo by Norwegian sex bomb Julie Ege (Creatures the World Forgot,Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires) and one of the best gags in the film. When Jerry asks Shades why he can’t have the napalm tomorrow the reply is; “Tomorrow’s Sunday, all the shops are shut”.

Jerry had wanted the napalm to destroy the old family home now that Pop has died, but the mysterious Miss Brunner (Jenny Runacre), who has a disturbing habit of absorbing her lovers, persuades…

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