Indie Buzz: The Impaler (2013) review

The Horror Hothouse

With a title like The Impaler it’s a pretty safe bet that we are stepping into the origin of the Dracula legend, so it’s no surprise as the film opens with Prince Vlad Tepes sealing a pack with the devil by drinking a goblet of blood fresh from the slit throat of a Turkish warrior.

Cue to the present and seven friends celebrate their high school graduation in the Hollywood Hills. Obnoxiously cocky jock Adam (Christian Gehring) reveals that he has booked the original ‘Dracula’s Castle’ for the first week of their Euro trip and pretty soon we realise what’s being set up. Adam’s companions consist of greedy food obsessed singleton Greg (Mark Jacobson), techno nerd Sean (Rocco Nugent) and his girlfriend Levy (Katelynn Derenngowski), Adam’s materialistic squeeze Ashley (Christina Collard) and the mysterious Dominic (Teo Coligo) and his jealous partner Chelsea (Marcienne Dwyer). Dominic is of Romanian descent and…

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