Indie Buzz: Profile of a Killer (2012) review

The Horror Hothouse

Northern Minnesota, mid December. Two kids are messing about in the snow, when one of them discovers the top of a skull poking out of a frozen lake. It’s not just a skull either. When the local police turn up they discover it’s the whole deal; a complete partially de-fleshed skeleton and its mounted on a pole with a concrete base. Well, before too long another three turn up and the killer’s name is sealed as the H-61 killer as all the bodies are found close to Highway 61.

Baffled by lack of evidence the local cops call in retired profiler Saul Aitkin (Gabriele Angieri), only just as Aitkin gets to grips with the case he’s abducted from his hotel by the killer. Secreted in an isolated farm Saul and the killer indulge in a battle of wits as the killer (Joey Pollari) challenges Saul to use his profiling skills…

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