Dracula’s Midnight Snacks and Telegraph for Garlic review

The Horror Hothouse

Dracula’s Midnight Snacks and its companion Telegraph for Garlic are the follow up to Red Rattle Books’ Frankenstein Galvanized. However, where Frankenstein Galvanized added some academic essays to a reprint of Mary Shelley’s classic, for Bram Stoker’s blood sucking nobleman Red Rattle wanted to do something rather different.

Dracula’s Midnight Snacks is a collection of vampire short stories, but these are far from being yet another anthology put together from the usual suspects. Instead, Red Rattle asked the Hothouse’s good friend David Saunderson of the Spooky Isles website to invite his readers to submit their own vampire stories for inclusion in the book along with a couple of exsanguinating tales from Red Rattle’s editor Howard Jackson.

As it happens, the boy done good and there isn’t a clunker in there. We find out what happens when Dracula does Manhattan, discover the fringe benefits of performing boob jobs in…

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