Robin Redbreast (1970)

The Horror Hothouse

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Long dormant in the vaults of the BBC, Robin Redbreast is another welcome re-release from the British Film Institute. Originally broadcast in 1970, Robin Redbreast tells the story of Norah Palmer (Anna Cropper), a television script editor, who following a romantic break-up is left with a run down cottage in a remote country village.

Taking up residence, it isn’t long before she runs into the neighbours and let’s face it if they weren’t a weird bunch, I’d have nothing to write about. Mrs Vigo (Freda Bamford), the home help, has a habit of muttering about local ways while eviscerating chickens, Fisher (Bernard Hepton) the local historian knows a bit too much about ancient religious practices and then there is pest controller Edgar (Andrew Bradford) known to all the villagers as Robin. Norah first casts an admiring eye over the buff Edgar as he practices his Karate stripped down to…

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