Wheel Wolf Review

The Horror Hothouse

Jack Bailey really shouldn’t have taken that detour to Hosner Lake after leaving his girlfriend’s house. Oh yes, there is something pretty hostile stirring in them there bushes and when Jack revs up his motorcycle it’s hot on his tail. Despite the Kawasaki’s horsepower something leaps on his back and when Jack regains consciousness he’s in a hospital bed, unable to feel his legs.

Problem is Jack wasn’t alone when the paramedics got to him, there was the naked corpse of a young woman entwined with his body at the crash site, almost beheaded by the silver crucifix that Jenny gave him for protection and the cops are pretty curious about that. And, as if being a paraplegic murder suspect isn’t bad enough, Jack soon realises that his newly heightened senses are nothing to do with his injury.

Meanwhile, as Jack faces up to police questioning and a tough regime of physiotherapy…

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