Mojo Sauce – How Hard Can it Be?

I love the cuisine of the Canary Islands and one of my favourite dishes is wrinkly spuds with Mojo sauce.

Best little restaurant in La Palma

Best little restaurant and chef, in La Palma the one man El Sabrosito Tapas Bar

The sauce comes in red and green varieties and the best (and I don’t mean most expensive) restaurants make their own. Personally I like the red sauce best so I usually make a point of buying a few overpriced jars of it at the airport on the way home. Now having just polished off the last jar from our trip to La Palma I thought let’s see if I can make my own.

First things first: some little spuds in their jackets were soaked in salty water, traditionally the islanders use seawater, before being bunged in the oven.

Wrinkly spuds

Wrinkly spuds (plus peri peri chicken)

Now from the label on the jar I had deduced that the Mojo sauce contained: red pepper, garlic, salt, olive oil and vinegar. So into the hand blender’s jug went two red peppers, four garlic cloves a pinch of sea salt and a small glug each of olive oil and vinegar. I let rip with the blender and ended up with a fairly liquid red sauce which I ladled over the spuds.

Mojo daubed spuds

Mojo daubed spuds

Well did it taste authentic? Yes it did even if it was a bit more liquid than I had hoped. I think the fresh peppers in our supermarkets must have a higher water content than the Canarian sun ripened ones, but on the whole I was pretty pleased with the result. The Mojoed spuds went great with the Peri Peri chicken and salad

13 thoughts on “Mojo Sauce – How Hard Can it Be?

  1. Blast from the past! I used to love these whenever I tried them on my lads’ holidays to Tenerife back in the ’90s. I lived with someone from Tenerife when I was at uni in Hull who made them for me – nice, but just not the same.

    • You can’t seem to get those little spuds with the thick skin like they have in the islands over here, It will be interesting to see if I can get some sun ripened red peppers in the summer, perhaps a little horticultural project for me this year.

    • I do it all the time when I find something I like, One of my pals says I have a certain look when I’m deconstructing a dish in a restaurant for an attempt to recreate it later. It doesn’t always work out, but I have had quite a good success rate so far

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