Loughton After the Deluge

Unlike other parts of the UK we have not had too much of a problem with flooding so far, However during the recent break from the rain we decided to take a look at our local River Roding and see what the local situation was like on the ‘front line’ so to speak.

A bridge over very troubled water

A bridge over very troubled water

As we approached the banks of the Roding it was getting pretty wet underfoot, with quite a lot of surface water lurking beneath the grass.

The roding in flow

The Roding in flow

The water level was almost to the banks and it was really running fast, which was such a big change from the last time we were down here in August.

The Roding

The Roding

In one or two places the flow had spilled over the banks, but thankfully nothing like the devastation in the rest of the country. Of course having said that I ended up flat on my face and covered with sticky brown mud when I slipped in some!

As to wildlife spotted: loads of black headed gulls and jackdaws, some magpies and carrion crows and that was it.

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