Horror Brought To Life: Bloody Homecoming (2013) at the CUT!

The Horror Hothouse

Image sourced from examiner.com Image sourced from examiner.com

The underground lair at Russell Square’s Horse Hospital was packed for the CUT’s February film presentation, Bloody Homecoming. “Tonight’s movie takes us back to the 80s Slasher Movies” our host Billy Chainsaw explained before dimming the lights and hitting play.

He wasn’t wrong! Soon we were transported back to the familiar world of the American High School campus, with its cheerleaders, jocks and proms, a world that has become as synonymous with horror as the Gothic’s Carpathian castle or mad scientist’s laboratory. We begin three years before the main event as Billy Corbin (Jesse Ferraro) pays a bunch of jocks to bar his group of pals from the Homecoming Prom so that he can make a move on his girlfriend Annie (Grainne McDermott) at a private party in the High School Theatre. Only things don’t turn out as Billy hopes and when Annie spurns his…

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