The Romero Strain review

The Horror Hothouse

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With a title like that it’s no surprise to find ourselves mired in the Zombie apocalypse yet again. This time it strikes in New York as paramedic JD Nichols and Max, his German shepherd are out taking a walk on the Lower East Side. JD and Max rescue teenage Marisol from a group of hungry living dead and then take refuge in New York’s matrix of subterranean tunnels. Only problem is JD has been bitten and we all know what happens when you get a nasty case of Zombie bite.

So far I think we have been here before. At the risk of revealing more of the plot, the plague has been caused by a genetically engineered pathogen from a secret military bunker and it just so turns out that this bunker is the place that JD and his group of survivors get to hole up…

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