‘The Chiperones are a bit bigger than usual’

So said the manageress of the Bodegon Las Tapas (Avenida Maritima, 29, Playa Blanca, Yaiza, Lanzarote) and she wasn’t kidding.


These ‘baby squids’ were about the size of a ten-year old’s shoe and must have been more like teenage squid. They were still delicious though with a squeeze of lemon.

We had been expecting them to be tiny wee things and had also ordered some sardines in raincoats (battered sardines),


Sardines in Raincoats

Sardines in Raincoats

pimentos de padron, catalan toast and a bean stew, however the portions in Bodegon Las Tapas were a bit on the huge size for tapas. Despite a valiant effort it was all too much and I’m afraid one of those squid gave their life to provide a meal for someone else.

P1100121  With beers, water and coffee it clocked in at about €65 for two, good value for such wonderful food with a view over the sparkling blue Atlantic.

Photos copyright QueenMab/Shipscook Photographic. contact simon.ball3@btopenworld.com for commercial reuse

7 thoughts on “‘The Chiperones are a bit bigger than usual’

    • That one had a tummy full of kittens too, There was a cat who looked like Hitler at the hotel, but typically whenever we had a camera with us Kitler wasn’t about.

    • they were fabulous, but there was just too much, I’m surprised you can’t get great squid in Latin America, is it just not avaliable or have people lost the knack of cooking it?

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