The Web of Fear (1968)

The Horror Hothouse

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I can’t tell you how excited I was when I tore off the cellophane wrapper, opened the box and slid the disc in the player. The long lost Yeti down the Underground episodes of Dr Who, long thought to have been wiped in the BBC’s mad drive to save money by reusing expensive video tape in the 1960s, that I had watched on an old black and white telly after tea at my grandparents house. Sod the Daleks, the Yetis were the stuff of this kid’s nightmares.

Now, thanks to the remarkable discovery of nearly all the lost episodes at a TV studio in Nigeria, the BBC have lovingly restored most of the episodes (episode three is still missing and has been reconstructed for the DVD release from stills and the audio track).  So after 46 years is it still the business? Well it still works…

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