Horror Brought To Life: Camp Dread (2014) at The CUT!

The Horror Hothouse

Image sourced from moviepilot.com Image sourced from moviepilot.com

It’s that time again my Flowers when I descend into the pit that is the basement of the Horse Hospital. You know the one with the big screen and the channels in the floor to drain away the blood.

April’s presentation from our affable host Mr Billy Chainsaw, was Camp Dread an American movie featuring Julia’s less famous big brother Eric Roberts. Eric plays Julian Barrett (no not the bloke from The Mighty Boosh), a 1980s slasher film director who gets blackballed by Hollywood for being a right evil bastard to work with. Only now he’s back and casting a reality TV show based upon his Summer Camp horror trilogy, where unsurprisingly a bunch of teens go to a summer camp where there is a crazed killer on the loose. Hyped up as an alternative to jail or rehab, 10 troubled teens enthusiastically enrol for…

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