The Unquiet House

The Horror Hothouse

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The Unquiet House is a very different book to Alison Littlewood’s previous novel Path of Needles (see our review here). Instead of a supernatural-tinged police procedural, here in The Unquiet House we find ourselves deep within the milieu of the English ghost story.

Emma Dean inherits a big old house from a mysterious relative. Naturally Mire House is not just any old house. This one comes with a very old suit that keeps finding its way back into the closet whenever it gets thrown out and a set of muddy footprints that keep appearing in the hall. Before long her benefactor’s grandson, Charlie, turns up and becomes Emma’s anchor in reality as the weird stuff keeps on happening, but is Charlie really just a friendly relative or a symptom of something even more disturbing?

The Unquiet House is layered like an onion, to reach an…

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4 thoughts on “The Unquiet House

  1. I looked through your posts for something that I might ‘like’ Simon, but your taste for the macabre isn’t up my street at all. I guess I could read this one though. I’m much ‘safer’ with travel posts. 🙂

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