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Murder is Sarah Pinborough’s sequel to Mayhem, her gaslight chiller set in a London trembling with fear at the deeds of Jack the Ripper. Almost a decade after the Ripper’s final slaying, Murder’s hero, police surgeon Thomas Bond, is just about getting over the trauma induced by his battle with the malign supernatural entity that hid in the Ripper’s shadow.

Slipping into comfortable middle age and the prospect of a good marriage, Bond’s world is upset by the arrival of a young, handsome and wealthy American rival and a series of gruesome crimes; corpses of garrotted babies are recovered from the Thames and a woman is murdered by a blow to skull with a pharmacist’s pestle and left on a train. A visit to an inmate at an insane asylum convinces Bond the evil is back, but the fate awaiting Bond is far nastier than anything he could…

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