Blood Widow (2014)

The Horror Hothouse

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Successful couple Laurie (Danielle Lilley) and Hugh (Brandon Kyle Peters) have just bought their first home together out in the country. Hugh has also invited all his mates for a housewarming party much to Laurie’s displeasure.

So, the first lot of guests turn up and naturally what’s the first thing you do when you arrive at a housewarming?  Yes of course, you leave your hosts to go and explore the creepy old abandoned boarding school next door making sure that you treat the building with noisy disrespect and let the resident psycho know you are around. Yep, it’s bodycount movie time and we have all the requisite stereotypical characters: the jerk, the hypochondriac nerd, the arty girl and the bitchy one who puts it about a bit.

Later back at Hugh and Laurie’s (surely an in-joke for House fans, I think) the party is in full swing so…

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