Best British Horror 2014

The Horror Hothouse

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Now, you won’t be surprised to discover that Best British Horror 2014 is an anthology of recent horror stories. Published by the proudly independent Salt PublishingBest British Horror 2014 aims to continue the traditions of the long lost and lamented The Pan Books of Horror Stories that were such a staple of my misspent youth along with Hammer Horror, Worthington White Shield and Heavy Metal.

Hang on a minute, Best British Horror 2014 you say! That’s some boast! Now my darling Horror Hothouse Flowers, is there any substance to the claim or is the blood trickling down the shower plughole from a shaving cut (not from furry little me, of course)? Well, actually, it’s pretty damned good. What you get for your £9.99 is 22 great little stories from authors including Stephen Volk, Ramsey Campbell and Muriel Gray. At less than 50p each, you can’t…

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