Curse of the Dragon Slayer (2014)

The Horror Hothouse

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You can never accuse us of not mixing things up a bit here at the Horror HothouseCurse of the Dragon Slayer is a sword and sorcery flick with a heavy debt owed to one JRR Tolkien.

In the best traditions of epic fantasy, the movie opens with a bold statement scrolling across the screen to tell us that the Shadow Cabal, an Orc cult, are after resurrecting Goth Azul, the Undead God, and unleashing all kinds of nasty stuff upon Earth. To do this they need the usual collection of mystic artefacts, You get the picture: blood of this, bone vessel of that sort of thing, everything a demonic Nigella would need to get cooking!

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Fortunately for us humans, elf assassin Nemyt (Danielle Churchran) shoots down a dragon riding orc messenger and gets to team up with Keltus the Wanderer (Richard McWilliams) a Knight of the Ruling Order and rogue orc Kullimon the Black (Paul D Hunt), as they…

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