Horror Brought to Life: Werewolf Rising (2014) at the CUT!

The Horror Hothouse

Image sourced from bloody-disgusting.com Image sourced from bloody-disgusting.com

It’s that time of the month when the guys, girls and ghouls gather in the subterranean depths of London’s Horse Hospital. Here amongst the drainage canals that once ran red with the gore of bled beasts, we crack open a beer and settle back for a movie – Yes it’s the CUT! and tonight’s feature is Werewolf Rising. Awaaaaoooooooowl.

So bright young thing Emma (Melissa Carnell) returns to her childhood home in the backwoods of Arkansas. A recovering alcoholic she needs some time away from the city to get her head together, only convicted rapist Rhett (Bill Oberst Jr.) has escaped from prison with his cell mate Johnny Lee (Matt Copko) so hardly ideal for a bit of relaxing then. There’s no sign of Rhett just yet, but Johnny Lee turns up and Emma kind of likes him and invites him round for dinner as any girl would with a con on…

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