Frankenstein: The Metal Opera: Q&A with Composer and Writer Richard Campbell

The Horror Hothouse

Images provided by Richard Campbell Images provided by Richard Campbell

So, my Hothouse Flowers, what happens when Gothic horror, grand opera and heavy metal collide? Frankenstein: The Metal Opera that’s what, and what’s more it’s coming to a theatre in London’s East End on Halloween, too.

News of all this excess was too good to ignore so The Horror Hothouse‘s Simon Ball tracked down composer and writer Richard Campbell at his secret laboratory deep within the fog streaked gaslit alleys of Shoreditch (in reality Orpheus Studios on Kingsland Road aka Pho Mile thanks to the number of excellent Vietnamese restaurants nearby).

Horror and metal are such natural bedfellows, but what was it that so intrigued Richard about Frankenstein?  

“The project began when I was looking for a story to use for my second album,” Richard explained. “My previous album had been a rock opera, based on the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, and I wanted to stay in concept album territory as…

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