Twins of Evil (1971)

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‘The Devil has sent me Twins of Evil!’

So says Peter Cushing’s Gustav Weil, of his nieces Frieda and Maria. Well not quite, because its only one of the pair (played by real life identical twins and Playboy playmates Madeline and Mary Collinson) who is a bit wayward. Sent from Venice to the middle European village of Karnstein on the death of their parents, the girls are frustrated to discover their new guardian is the head of a fanatical puritan witch hunting gang, known as the Brotherhood, who like nothing better than a nice fire and a stake.

Up at Karnstein Castle, the local Count (Damien Thomas) likes a dabble in the black arts and when blood from a human sacrifice drips into the sarcophagus of his vampire ancestor Mircalla (Katya Wyeth) there’s no looking back. The Count is turned and Frieda is out of the bedroom window and on her way to the…

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