Indie Buzz: Devil’s Mile (2014)

The Horror Hothouse

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Cally (Maria Del Mar), Jacinta (Casey Hudecki) and Toby (David Hayter) have been driving for hours after taking the wrong turning. Jacinta needs to pee so they stop at a service station. While Toby makes enquiries inside, Jacinta opens up the boot to reveal a pair of kidnapped Japanese girls. “Oh dear, it’s going to be one of those rape and torture films,” I think.

Well actually no, but Devil’s Mile is still pretty violent and bloody. The two girls are bundled back in the boot (what you American cousins mistakenly call the trunk) and the trio speed off since Toby, who has obvious anger management issues, has slashed the throat of the counter clerk. Keen to deliver the girls to the mysterious Mr Arkadi, they drive on all day, until Toby drops off at the wheel. Almost hitting a van coming in the opposite direction they skid to a halt as a tire blows.

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