Indie Buzz: Sledge (2014)

The Horror Hothouse

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Right, before we start, this is nothing to do with Santa or his reindeer, so don’t go thinking the Hothouse has started festering for the season.

Now we have cleared that up, Sledge is a serial murderer whose chosen modus operandi is a wallop or several with his trusty bloody great hammer. Oh yeah, he likes to keep the faces of his victims in jars too.

Sledge is also a movie within a movie. The literally named Couch Girl (Rachel Cornell) settles down on her sofa to watch Assly’s True American Horror. Now Assly is a cartoon werewolf horror host, a bit like a cuddly Elvira, although I know which of them I rather cuddle up with. The film of course is Sledge.

And so we are off with a group of American teen campers into the wilderness, two couples Michelle (Desiree Holmes) and Shawn (Travis Henson)…

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