Lucky’s Girl review

The Horror Hothouse

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Kenny McCord’s life has just turned to shit. His wife dead from cancer and his teen daughter gang raped, Kenny packs in his job and packs up his kids and gear to leave Houston and head back to sleepy old Elton Township where he grew up all those years ago.

Kenny’s former best friend, Lucky is also on his way back to Elton. Hardly a rural paradise all Elton has is a run down bar, a church and the local jailhouse. That was all aside from Elton Lake, but Elton Lake is now dry, the river that fed it having been dammed so archaeologists could investigate a Menominee Indian site on Grove Island. Back in his teens Lucky used to visit Grove Island where he discovered the thing that the Menominee had built Elton Lake to contain. Lucky’s awakening of the ancient evil led to a…

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