Shakespeare in Hell at London Horror Festival review

The Horror Hothouse

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My second London Horror Festival show was to be a very different experience to Frankenstein: Unbolted. Once again drinks in hand, we climbed the stairs to the Etcetera Theatre above Camden’s The Oxford Arms.

On the stage, a cowled figure stood staff in hand. This was The Tempest’s Prince Prospero, the first of 18 characters from the works of William Shakespeare who would be joining us in a journey through Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell. Our guide through this mash-up was to be the spirit Ariel who kicks off the show with a spot of revenge on his old master.

The thing about the Bard’s plays is that they are chock full of bloody happenings and some of the greatest villains and most tragic heroines in English literature. What the four members of the all-female Brite Theatre Company do is pair up a selection of the…

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