After Midnight (2014)

The Horror Hothouse

Image provided by October Coast PR Image provided by October Coast PR

Catherine Annette plays Constance, a local TV newsreader in Los Angeles. Breaking news that night is the gunning down of her wayward sister Duffy outside the Candy Cat pole-dancing club where she worked. Haunted by the image of he dead sister with a bullet in her head, Constance takes a break from work to go undercover as a stripper at the Candy Cat. Every time Constance gets a promising lead with a witness, the witness gets bumped off. The race is on for Constance to find the killer.

Right, let’s face it, if you are watching this movie it’s probably for the surgically inflated tits rather than the plot, which has a dreadful, oddly predictable twist. Given the way that the narrative is set up, I can only imagine it was rewritten and tacked on during production because someone thinks all thrillers should end like…

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