Peaceful and Greywing House at London Horror Festival

The Horror Hothouse

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It was a very uncharacteristically warm and sticky October night at Camden Town’s Etcetera Theatre for my final night reporting from the London Horror Festival. There were two shows on the bill, both quite dark, but also quite different.

The Off-Off-Off Broadway Company’s Peaceful is a Victorian haunted house yarn. Laura Louise Baker is Ethel Charlesan, an old and crippled woman who lives alone in a rambling and creaky house. Convinced that she can hear ghosts she invites her estate manager Mr Coburn (Polis Loizou) to a séance held by the exotic lilac-gloved medium Mr De Villiers (Jaacq Hugo). Coburn recognises De Villiers as a fraud and the two come to a mutually beneficial arrangement before the séance kicks off, but is De Villiers just trying to hoodwink the old bat by playacting or is there something darker trying to break through?

More Henry James than MR, Peaceful was pretty intense stuff.

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