Dead Funny review

The Horror Hothouse

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There was much excitement down in the Hothouse crypt when a copy of Dead Funny was posted under the dungeon door. A collection of horror stories from our friends at Salt Publishing by some of the top names in British comedy, was it going to stand up (see what we did there) or fall flat on its face like so many other attempts to cross genre boundaries? Not that I’d ever point a bony digit at you, Lesbian Vampire Killers.

I needn’t have worried, each of the 16 stories within this slim volume are pretty good as you would expect when contributors include: Reece (League of Gentlemen and Psycoville) Shearsmith, Al (Pub Landlord) Murray, Charlie (Fast Show) Higson and Phil (Never Mind the Buzzcocks) Jupitus.  I can imagine, were the Pan Books of Horror stories that I enjoyed so much as a kid still going…

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