Invasion (1965)

The Horror Hothouse

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Drinking and driving is a bad idea, especially when the army radar is picking up mysterious flying objects that are too small to be the old British Air Ferries transporters on the way back from Le Tourquet. That’s what Lawrence Blackburn (Anthony Sharp) discovered back in 1965 when a rubber suited man (Eric Young) staggered out of the woods into the path of his car.

The mystery deepens when Blackburn gets him to the local hospital. An X-Ray reveals that old rubber suit has a metal object embedded in his brain and his blood does not match any known type. Back in the woods Major Muncaster (Barrie Ingham) and his men have discovered a set of radioactive scorch marks in the forest and bullet-proof space capsule. Can they belong to the mysterious rubber clad stranger?

Back at the hospital the patient recovers consciousness and reveals to Dr Mike Vernon (Edward…

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