Legacy of Thorn (2014)

The Horror Hothouse

Image sourced from legacyofthorn.vhx.tv Image sourced from legacyofthorn.vhx.tv

So, we’ve had Halloween, we’ve had Friday the 13th… and come to think of it, the Ides of March didn’t end too well either. Now it’s the turn of February 29th, which thankfully only comes around every four years.

You see every February 29th Thorn, a machete wielding masked serial killer, manifests himself and goes on the rampage. It wrecks Jessica’s (Jade Wallis) 16th (or is that fourth?) birthday in 2008 when she and her mates get locked into school after hours, but now four years later she and the other three survivors have stunned the killer with a dose of electric current and have him unmasked and chained up in a secret warehouse. As they argue about who is going to terminate the evil bastard, the cops turn up and let him go. Bad, bad idea.

Structurally, the writers have tried to fragment the story by…

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