Unearthly Stranger (1963)

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Image sourced from horrorpedia.com Image sourced from horrorpedia.com

Well, you wait for ages for some Cold War era Brit Sci-fi flicks and then two of them come along together! Hot on the heels of 1965’s Invasion from our friends at Network comes Unearthly Stranger.

Unearthly Stranger’s paranoia comes in at a more subtle tack to that of Invasion. Scientists at Britain’s  Royal Institute of Space Research are close to cracking a formula to project the mind into outer space. When Professor Munro (a-pre Alf Garnett Warren Mitchell) announces that he’s done it to his secretary (a pre-Upstairs Downstairs Jean Marsh) he suffers a fatal brain haemorrhage and his notes are reduced to ashes. Odd that, because exactly the same thing happened to scientists working on the same project in the USA and Russia.

Munro’s replacement is Dr Mark Davidson  (John Neville), but Security’s Major Clarke (Patrick Newell) is a bit concerned about…

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