The Wolves of London: Obsidian Heart review

The Horror Hothouse

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When the teenage Alex Locke did his bird for armed robbery, hard man Benny Magee took him under his protection. Prison worked for Alex, he worked hard, came out with an academic degree and walked into a job at a college. Now with his older daughter threatened by a gang of drug dealers, Alex needs Benny’s help again, but nothing in this world comes without a price.

Problem is the price involves another robbery. Not a blag this time, but a burglary. To get the cash to pay off the dealer Alex has to break into the house of an elderly stage magician and steal one specific artefact. A human heart carved out of volcanic glass. A simple job on the face of it, but Alex didn’t count on the Wolves of London, a nightmarish group of supernatural entities that haunt the underworld of organised crime…

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