Alfred Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934)

The Horror Hothouse

manwhoknewtoomuch01 Image sourced from Network

Ask who the most influential film director in the horror genre is and it’s pretty certain that one name is going to loom over the Carpenters, Romeros and Del Toros and that name is Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock’s technique of layering suspense and anxiety over a story through meticulous visual storyboarding, innovative camera work and precise film editing almost make the viewer an active participant in what is taking place to the characters on the screen as the movie draws to its frequently epic set piece conclusion.

Having said that there are relatively few of Hitch’s movies that fit conveniently into the horror pigeonhole, most could be more aptly described as psychological thrillers albeit often tinged with his own macabre sense of humour and love of practical jokes, but nobody can question the place of honour belonging to Psycho and The Birds in the pantheon of…

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