Sleepless – What keeps author Lou Morgan awake at night?

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Sleepless Author Lou Morgam Sleepless Author Lou Morgam

New Young Adult imprint Red Eye made their publishing debut this month (January 2015) with two pretty impressive tomes of terror;Frozen Charlotteby Alex Bell and Sleepless by Lou Morgan. We like Young Adult stuff that goes bump in the night and gets folks interested in the genre down at the Horror Hothouse.

Sleepless tells the story of a bunch of students at a high achieving public school pressured into taking unlicensed smart drugs bought off the internet. Nothing comes without a price and before long the hallucinations start, then folks start to die. Is it chemically induced suicide or something even more sinister since all trace of the mystery compound has now vanished from the web. Set within the claustrophobic environment of London’s exclusive Barbican estate, Sleepless is a compelling tale of teenage paranoia. I give it a 555/666


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