The Horror Hothouse


So recently widowed Dad Cory (Robin Dunne), little Liam (Peter DaCuhna) and Dad’s replacement wife Sarah (Katharine Isabelle) are driving through the US countryside to dad’s holiday home in the woods. Little Liam has a big fluffy bunny, ready to join the gang of outsize Piggy, Monkey and Mr Mouse in his bedroom. Yeah you know this isn’t going to be a happy family holiday.

Arriving at the country pad Cory discovers that they have had some messy intruders. They got in through the cellar and local cop advises Cory to board up the door they got access through. Only thing is they haven’t left.

Yes its home invasion time folks and before too long Bunny, Piggy Monkey and Mr Mouse have adopted new personalities as your typical American backwoods psycho family acquire some fancy new headgear. Cory, Liam and Sarah are pretty soon doing the rounds of abduction, torture…

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