The Samurai

The Horror Hothouse

peccadill0_TheSamurai_3Jakob Walski (Michel Diercks) is a cop in a dead-end small town close to Germany’s border with Poland. A bit naive, but basically a good guy, Jakob has trouble keeping order with the gangs of local youths not much younger than himself. He also leaves bags of meat scavenged from the butcher’s shop out in the woods to keep a wolf from invading the town.

Then a mystery package turns up at Jakob’s police station addressed to the Lone Wolfe. That evening Jakob receives a call from the mysterious Lone Wolfe asking him to deliver the package to an abandoned house. When Jakob arrives he hands the package over to a wild-eyed man (Pit Bukowski) in a wedding dress, who opens it up. Oh dear it’s a Samurai sword, something tells me it won’t be a good night on Jakob’s beat tonight.

As the Samurai rips through Jakob’s little town…

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